European Commission Technical Report Published

European Commission Technical Report Published

European Commission Technical Report

You may like to take a look at a new technical report that has just been published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission entitled “Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTTMAM): An Introduction“.

“This JRC Technical Report provides an introduction to the JRC system dynamics based Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTTMAM). This comprehensive system dynamics model, covering the period 1995 to 2050, was designed to capture the key feedbacks and interactions between manufacturers, authorities, infrastructure providers and users across the 28 EU member states and 16 powertrain options available in the light duty vehicle market.”

A Robust Data-driven Macro-socioeconomic-energy Model

System Dynamics can be applied to national accounts along with energy flows, employment and transportation. This is demonstrated in a recent paper “A Robust Data-driven Macro-socioeconomic-energy Model” available for free until 6 May 2016 at The paper introduces what’s called the 7see model showing how it is configured using historical data (from 1990 for the UK economy) and how its performance is assessed in reproducing the historical period. Publications to follow will show how the 7see approach enables historical data to underpin business-as-usual (BAU) scenario to 2035, then how to introduce policies that give rise to different outcomes. This work will be presented at the our annual conference on 14th April. COP21 in Paris introduced yet another acronym, INDCs for Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. Since this 7see modelling works at national level, it is well placed to help policy makers address the challenges of evaluating and comparing paths that will take them to their new national carbon-reduction targets.

Integrating Economics and System Dynamics Approaches for Modeling an Ecological-Economic System

Dr Yoko Nagase, Programme Lead for Economics at Oxford Brookes University, will be talking about integrating economics and system dynamics approaches on October 16th at Department of Land Economy in Cambridge University. The talk will describe collaboration between system dynamicists and economists to model a multi-sector, ecological-economic model of population and resource dynamics that is firmly based on economic theory and leverages the strengths of both fields.


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12th Annual Gathering of the Chapter

Annual Gathering 2010

11th & 12th February 2010: London South Bank University

“Environmental Challenges”


Nick Mabey: Founder and the Chief Executive of E3G.

Until December 2005 he was a senior advisor in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit leading work on a variety of policy areas, including energy, fisheries, unstable states and organised crime.

Nick Mabey’s Biography is available here.

Dennis Sherwood: a leading expert in creativity, innovation and business modelling at Silver Bullet, and former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs Europe, responsible for internal audit and internal consultancy.

David Fisk: the BP/Royal Academy of Engineering Chair at Imperial College in Engineering for Sustainable Development and Co-director of the BP Urban Energy Systems project.

John Morecroft: Senior Fellow, Management Science and Operations at London Business School. His works focuses on the use of business modelling and simulation for strategy and scenario development. He has advised international organisations including Royal Dutch / Shell, BBC World Service and Mars Inc.

In addition we have a special event on the morning of Friday the 12th (9:15-11:15) when Kim Warren will lead a session of the Copenhagen Climate Change Exercise. “This event will give you a chance to explore and understand the biggest ‘strategic challenge’ of all – climate change”.

Outline programme:

Thursday : Speakers and presentation of Steer Davis Gleave Prize

Friday “The Copenhagen Climate Exercise”, Student Prize, Poster session and PhD Colloquium

Applications are invitated for the Steer Davies Gleave Prize and also for the Student Prize

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