Polish Delegation Play Group Model Building Games


A recent group of five Polish trainers visited the UK to understand more about the use of games in adult education. Dr Dave Carter introduced the group to a wide range of techniques developed for groups constructing System Dynamics models together alongside more specific material relating to environmental issues. Model development was interspersed with using trialling online models available from Systo software where System Dynamics terminology and techniques were further explained. The aim for the three-day session was to establish a model of food production that could help feed deprived areas of the world. Starting with Western corn growing methods, a concept model was developed in the first day with identified limitations that enabled corrections to be made in the second day. The final day was allocated to developing policies that could better support local corn production across the world wherever there was urgent demand using the qualified structure to indicate where such decision rules would apply. It was agreed in both English and Polish that where chemical treatments of seed, plants and crop were unsustainable, especially in deprived areas, potential solutions that protected the food production process from environmental change could contribute more to helping solve food shortages in developing areas that lacked distribution infrastructures.

Contact and further information

Dr David Carter, University of Plymouth