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Ventana improve performance by helping organisations make smarter choices. They leverage the collective intelligence of an organisation’s people and experience to determine which choices are most likely to improve performance, and why. In order to be able to plan for the future it is imperative that decision-makers have a deep understanding of their organisation and the environment in which it operates. This not only includes the organisations’ business processes but the connections with its environment; customers, suppliers, partners, investors, regulators and competitors; a holistic consideration of the cause-and-effect relationships within the organisations sphere of influence leads to a deeper, more complete understanding.

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The Whole Systems Partnership (www.thewholesystem.co.uk) is a strategy and partnership development consultancy working primarily in health and social care.  It uses system dynamics as a key tool to support organisational learning and partnership development, as well as to provide clients with a whole system perspective on local services.  Our approach places client engagement at the centre of the process.  We recognise that the potential for sustainable change lies as much in the strengthening of local relationships across a system as in the accuracy of the tools used to support this change – although we strive to use the best available local and national evidence in all our work.  The primary contact is Peter Lacey (peter.lacey@thewholesystem.co.uk).

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Decision Analysis Services Ltd is an independent engineering and management consultancy operating in the Energy, Government and Defence sectors in the UK, North America, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Australasia. Key to DAS’ analytical approach is the application of systems thinking and system simulation methods. Our system dynamics work spans many sectors, generally supporting government-led public policy areas and business strategy consulting engagements. Our SD studies are diverse, and have recently included modelling national healthcare workforces, cost modelling  fleets of aircraft and developing marketing strategies for international consumer goods organisations.

DAS is a SILVER level sponsor.

Symmetric Scenarios Ltd creates opportunities for organisations to improve their strategic decision making.

Symmetric Scenarios Ltd is a SILVER level sponsor.

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