Past Event: 2013 Conference

Past Event: 2013 Conference

Category : Past Events

Annual Conference 2013

THEME : Planning for Uncertain Futures
VENUE: London South Bank University
DATE: Thursday 7th February  – Friday 8th February

Topics and Speakers:

Assessing risk and return: the case of an innovative lending product.
Santiago Braje (ING)

Dynamic Modelling of Telecommunication Service Delivery
Michael Lyons (BT)

Robust workforce planning: dealing with uncertainty.
Andrew Woodward and Graham Willis (Centre for Workforce Intelligence) and Siôn Cave (Decision Analysis Services Ltd.)

The dynamics of waste prevention: building evidence to support policy making at Defra.
Rachel Freeman (Sustain/University of Bristol), Maria Angulo (DEFRA)

Modelling pastoral policy development to alleviate poverty in rural Kenya. Sally Brailsford and Saidimu Leseeto (University of Southampton)

Group model building workshop.
Etiënne Rouwette (Radboud University Nijmegen)

The European Masters programme in system dynamics.
Etiënne Rouwette (Radboud University Nijmegen)

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