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System Dynamics/Systems Thinking As A Potential Research Methodology For Doctoral Research

A webinar by Dr Gimhan Godawatte of Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh explores the potential for SD as a research methodology for doctoral research.


System Dynamics meets COVID-19

An online event show-casing applications of SD modelling in response to the current pandemic took place online, May 28th 2020, hosted by the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society. Talks from Kim Warren, Strategy Dynamics Ltd; Mark Gregson, Consultant with the Whole Systems Partnership; Erik Pruyt, Center for Policy Exploration Analysis and Simulation in the Netherlands.

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SD meets SD: System Dynamics and Service Design in Public Services, Belfast

At the Belfast Design Week, the The UK System Dynamics Chapter got together with colleagues who work in Service Design to discover what we have in common and learn from each other’s approaches.
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Strategic Modelling to Support Decision Making for the North

Jointly hosted by the UK Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society and THINKLab, University of Salford, October 2019.
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The Spectrum of Approaches to Problem Solving

Jointly hosted by EPSRC funded ReRuN project and SDS UK Chapter, March 2019.
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System Dynamics in Edinburgh

Dartington Design Lab presented: Systems Thinking: Unlocking its potential to improve children’s outcomes. September 2018. Drinks sponsored by SDS UK Chapter

SDS UK Chapter Healthcare Network Event, Mar 2018


System Dynamics in Climate Change Mitigation,

UK chapter Networking Event, Manchester, December 2017.

SDS UK Chapter Economics Network Event, Sep 2017

Building resilient cities through simulation (including System Dynamics),

UK Chapter Networking Event, University of Salford, July 2017.