International System Dynamics Summer School

International System Dynamics Summer School

An international System Dynamics Summer School (16-18 July 2014 (+19 July)) will be organized in Delft at the conference venue of the 2014 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, right before the conference (20-25 July 2014, Delft, the Netherlands). The summer school will be taught at two different levels by a team of excellent international System Dynamics professors: there will be a basic/intermediate class as well as an advanced class (with many advanced topics). Plus: there will be supervision for those who are in need of supervision (e.g. for their PhD). The basic class will also receive pre-summer school online learning materials, will be able to take an exam and retake exam, etc. Lunches, a social activity and a dinner on Saturday are included in the 300 euro registration fee. Some additional activities during the conference and post-conference workshop days are also included. For more information, see the summer school pages on the website of the System Dynamics Society:

The 3-day pre-conference System Dynamics summer school, the 1-day pre-conference PhD Colloquium (open to all summer school participants), the 3-day International System Dynamics Conference, and the 2-day post-conference workshops and master classes aim to introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Don’t miss this total immersion in System Dynamics modeling and simulation of 3 up to 10 days!

Note also that the paper/workshop submission deadline for the 2014 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (20-25 July 2014, Delft, the Netherlands) is exactly 1 month from today: don’t hesitate to submit your papers. For more information, see the conference web site:

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