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Group Modelling Survey

University of Southampton Business School survey on “Group Modelling”

We are conducting a study on how simulation consultants collaborate with their clients and with groups of experts. We are particularly interested to understand how the way of working and the extent of the engagement of expert or client groups in the model building process varies depending on the modelling methodology used.

We would be very grateful if you would take part in in an online survey to help us with this study. Any answers you give will only be used for this study. Respondents will not be identified. If you participate you will not be required to give your name. If you do give us your name and contact details, we will, however, be able to send you a summary of our results once the study has been completed.

The survey can be found at:

If you do have any questions as you proceed, you are welcome to contact Steffen Bayer (University of Southampton, email:; phone: +44 23 8059 1871).

Steffen Bayer

Sally Brailsford

Tim Bolt


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