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Vacancy: Student Representative

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The UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society are now seeking applications for the student representative vacancy on the Policy Council aimed at promoting system dynamics within the post-graduate communities of UK universities.

The role involves helping engage other students in research using system dynamics and coordinating entries for the annual conference usually held in April.  You will be involved in organising the student colloquium presentations (talks and posters) plus the student prize award (adjudicated student papers against system dynamics contributions to knowledge and practice).

All are welcome to apply by emailing a short curriculum vitae giving contact details and a paragraph on how you would develop student contacts in the system dynamics community across the UK.

Please send your electronic applications on or before 31 October 2016 to

World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics” (WOSC) in Rome, Italy, 2017

Some news you may find interesting.  The “World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics” (WOSC)” to be held in Rome, Italy, Jan 25th – 27th 2017, has a theme and track regarding System Dynamics:  “Think outside the box with Systems Dynamics“. The call for abstracts can be found here.

Job Opportunity: Technical Officer – Scientific Research – Electro-mobility market agent modelling

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We have received a vacancy notice on a job opportunity as “Technical Officer – Scientific Research – Electro-mobility market agent modelling” at the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Candidates interested in the published position should introduce an application form through the JRC recruitment web site

(Code: 2016-IPR-F8-FGIV-7409 – ISPRA)

A call for papers for a special issue on System Dynamics

A call for papers for a special issue on System Dynamics has been posted in Journal of Simulation.

Here is the link to the word document

and to the journal website

2016 Student Prize

Oluwasegun Aluko (University of Leeds)

The winner of the student prize was Oluwasegun Aluko from the University of Leeds for his paper “A Model for the Evaluation of Transport Safety Policies in Commercial Motorcycle Operation in Nigeria”.

2016 Student Prize

There were five full paper entries for the student prize, covering a range of system dynamics applications in business, the environment and the housing market. The papers were assessed on four criteria: dynamic problem formulation, justified use of the system dynamics methodology, model results and implementation, and contribution to knowledge. All entrants gave presentations of their work to the UK System Dynamics Chapter Annual Conference and received feedback from the judging panel with a view to publishing their work.

Three features of Oluwasegun Aluko’s work stood out. Firstly, the range of policy changes that gave insight into how the driver behaviour could be improved. Secondly, the data extraction methods used. Semi-structured interviews with drivers were used in model construction and calibration. Thirdly, the potential transferability of the model to other forms of commercial taxi services across many developing countries where the operational issues are similar.

Although Oluwasegun could not be there to receive the prize, it was received on his behalf by his PhD supervisor, Dr Astrid Güehnemann, who also presented his work to the chapter conference. The policy council send their congratulations to Oluwasegun, and wish him the best in his future career.

A copy of his presentation is available from

2016 Geoff Coyle Medal Winner

Chris Spencer (Strategy Dynamics)

Chris Spencer has been awarded the 2016 Geoff Coyle Medal for his work in developing the Sysdea System Dynamics software, which makes System Dynamics modelling properly accessible to practically anyone.

Coyle Prize 2016

Simon Shepherd (Left), the UK Chapter President, presenting the Geoff Coyle Medal to Chris Spencer (Right)

Chris’ browser-based approach brings System Dynamics modelling squarely into the 21st century and exploits all the benefits of the Cloud.  Chris has also clearly put much thought into ease-of-use and demystification of preceding approaches, not only to modelling but also to the practicalities of System Dynamics.  In a nutshell, he has created a simulation package that is easy to understand.  Because it is shareable and browser-based, there is nothing to install and there is no barrier to looking at, running and understanding models by people with no training in System Dynamics or System Dynamics software. Novices can open the web app and create working models with much more efficiency than ever before.

There are two outstanding features of the Sysdea software that justify the award of the Geoff Coyle prize to Chris Spencer. First, the speed with which models can be created. The design concept makes model building fast and easy. Second, the ease of sharing the models, either finished for review or in co-creation.  This is a great benefit in teaching, as well as for practical business applications and even scientific use.  Chris Spencer is highly deserving of the prize and the policy council have no doubt that Geoff Coyle, once recovered from the shock of how easy Sysdea makes System Dynamics, would agree wholeheartedly.

The Sysdea software, for which Chris has been awarded the Geoff Coyle Medal, can be found at In addition the Sysdea User Guide can be downloaded from, and there are more resources at A copy of the presentation Chris gave at the conference is available from

Past Events: 2016 Conference Presentations

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Annual Conference 2016

THEME : System dynamics for developing strategy in the real world
VENUE: The Shard, London
DATE: Thursday 14th April (12:00 to 17:00) and Friday 15th April (8:45 to 16:00)

Conference Proceedings


The Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTT-MAM) and application to EU transport policy.

Gillian Harrison and Christian Theil (Joint Research Centre)

Are all swans white?: Improving the Adaptive Response of British Telecom through the transformative fusion of cybernetics, systems dynamics and social capital

Steve Brewis CEng (Chief Research Scientist, British Telecom)

OSCAM: 20 years of making better operating and support cost estimates of fleets of ships and aircraft for the US Department of Defense

Stephen Curram (Decision Analysis Services Ltd)
Brittany Basilone (United States Department of Defense)

Modelling the economy as if real data matters

Simon Roberts (Arup)
Colin Axon (Brunel University)

From problem-solving to problem-prevention with model-based management

Kim Warren (Strategy Dynamics)

Geoff Coyle award

Winner: Chris Spencer


Behavioural Operational Research: The contributions of System Dynamics

Martin Kunc (Warwick Business School)

Practical group model building

David Carter (Plymouth University)

Jennifer Morgan (Cardiff University)

Student presentations

A ‘small-world’ Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) economics flight simulator in system dynamics with questions of methodology, pedagogy and impact

Neil Smith (Plymouth University)

A simulation approach to the evaluation of shared service centres

Gregory Asante (University of Bedfordshire)

Integrating GMB and Gaming to Tackle Fragmentation in the U.K. Housing Sector

Shane Carnohan (European Master in System Dynamics) 

A Model for the Evaluation of Transport Safety Policies in Commercial Motorcycle Operation in Nigeria – WINNER OF THE STUDENT PRIZE

Oluwasegun Aluko (University of Leeds)

System Dynamics assessment of renewable integration in island electricity systems

George Matthew  (Open University)

Modelling homeowners decisions to renovate their homes to be energy efficient

Yekatherina Bobrova (University College London)

Poster Session

Modelling Dementia Care and the Support of Informal Carers in Tower Hamlets

Stuart Maxwell

Model Building with Soft Variables

John Hayward, Rebecca Jeffs, Leanne Howells and Kathryn Evans(University of South Wales)

Online Collaborative Simulation Platform

Peter Lacey (WSP, in association with Brunel University & Isee Systems)

The Dynamics of School Choice

David Carter (Plymouth University) 

Building a Strategic Framework for Identifying Patterns of Relational Value (Rv) in Different Health and Care Settings

Dr Paul Grimshaw (University of Leeds); Peter Lacey (WSP); Prof. Linda McGowan(University of Leeds);  Dr Elaine McNichol (University of Leeds)

Horizon 2035: The role of SD in developing a vision for the health, social care and public health workforce in England

Siôn Cave (DAS Ltd) & Tom Lyscom, Graham Willis, Matt Edwards and John Fellows (Centre for Workforce Intelligence)

European Commission Technical Report Published

European Commission Technical Report

You may like to take a look at a new technical report that has just been published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission entitled “Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTTMAM): An Introduction“.

“This JRC Technical Report provides an introduction to the JRC system dynamics based Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTTMAM). This comprehensive system dynamics model, covering the period 1995 to 2050, was designed to capture the key feedbacks and interactions between manufacturers, authorities, infrastructure providers and users across the 28 EU member states and 16 powertrain options available in the light duty vehicle market.”

2016 Conference open for bookings

Each year the chapter organises the Annual Conference, a series of presentations from eminent practitioners and the opportunity to meet and discuss issues.  2016 will be the 18th annual conference.

Booking details are at the link below.  Please note that this year, booking will close a week before the event (April 7th) with no exception as we need to provide full names to Shard security at this time.  Please also remember to bring a form of ID.

Conference details

Conference booking

2016 Conference Programme

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We’ve just confirmed the conference programme for 2016, see details.  Registration information and further details will be posted on our website and communicated through our newsletter in due course viagra prodej.  We hope to see you there.

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