Past Events: 2019 Conference Report

Annual Conference 2019

THEME: System Dynamics, Uncovering Connections – Delivering Insight
VENUE: Royal College of Nursing, London
DATE: Thursday 4th April and Friday 5th April

This year has a theme of uncovering connections – delivering insight and comprises four talks on Thursday afternoon, covering diverse applications of system dynamics to address legal, health, & economics issues.  On Friday morning we learn about how system dynamics has been used to in the world of consultancy & client engagement.  In the afternoon we discover the links between systems thinking & creativity, have a poster session and student presentations covering a wide set of issues and demonstrating the good work going on training the next generation of SD practitioners.

Delegates participating in one of the workshops

Thursday 4 April (a.m.): Optional Session – Getting Started Building Models– Concepts and Applications.

Led by Kim Warren (Strategy Dynamics, UK), this session gave attendees a chance to get started in modelling.  The workshop was as per usual was well attended.


Kim Warren

Thursday 4 April (p.m.): Plenary 1

The opening session consisted of plenary addresses covering important subjects of interest to a wide audience.

Embedding System Dynamics modelling into healthcare strategic planning – a case study: the Kent Advancing Applied Analytics Community of Practice.

Kate Doughty, Darzi Fellow (Kent County Council, UK)
Mark Gilbert, Senior Commissioner (Kent County Council, UK)
Jo Tonkin, Public Health Specialist (Kent County Council, UK)


Kate Doughty
Jo Tonkin

The Export Support System Model – Building System Models with Economists

John Medhurst (Larrainzar Consulting Solutions Ltd, UK)
Hala Elsayed (Department for International Trade, UK)


Hala Elsayed
John Medhurst

Thursday 4 April (p.m.): Plenary 2

Using SD in the Legal Arena: a modeller’s and lawyer’s perspective

Susan Howick (University of Strathclyde, UK)
Ralph Goodchild (White & Case)


Susan Hawick
Ralph Goodchild

Antibiotics Prescribing Decision-making Process in Secondary Care: a System Dynamics Approach

Nina Zhu (Imperial College, UK)


Nina Zhu

Thursday 4 April (p.m.): Awards

Outstanding Contribution Award

Eric Wolstenholme received a medal to recognise his outstanding contribution to the UK system dynamics community – via a weblink. Further Details.

Eric Wolstenholme (on laptop screen) receiving his award from Jonathan Moizer, UK President. Laptop held by Douglas McKelvie.

Chapter President: Concluding Remarks

Jonathan Moizer (President of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society)

Friday 5 April: Plenary

This day was more interactive, and considered System Dynamics & Systems Thinking practice and application in more depth.

Practical Lessons from Applying System Dynamics in Consultancy.

David Exelby (Decision Analysis Services Ltd, UK)


David Exelby

How to Engage Clients in Simulation Projects – A tutorial on PartiSim

Antuela Tako (Loughborough University, UK)
Kathy Kotiadis (University of Kent, UK)


Kathy Kotiadis (left) & Antuela Tako (right)
Antuela guiding participants through her workshop

Deliberate creativity and systems thinking

Dennis Sherwood (Silver Bullet, UK)


Dennis Sherwood

Friday 5 April: Chapter AGM

The Chapter Presidency was handed over from Jonathan Moizer to Sion Cave, who then chaired the AGM.  This short session reported on the status and activities of the UK Chapter, and provided an opportunity to nominate new representatives to the Policy Council.

Jonathan Moizer introducing the new President – Sion Cave.

Posters & Poster Award

A number of posters were presented over lunch.  Delegates were able to vote for the best poster.

Understanding the Drivers of Cost Overrun in Highway Projects in Nigeria: A System Dynamics Approach

Abba Tahir Mahmud (Heriot Watt University, UK)


Antibiotics Prescribing Decision-making Process in Secondary Care: a System Dynamics Approach

Nina Zhu (Imperial College, UK)



Simulation of the Management and Disposal of Low Level Radioactive Waste in the United Kingdom

Emma Woodham (Decision Analysis Service Ltd, UK)
Siôn Cave (Decision Analysis Service Ltd, UK)


Direct Action or Social Nudge: Where are the Effective Policy Levers for Helping Families Select Secondary (High) Schools?

David Carter (University of Plymouth)


A System Dynamics Approach to Inform Decision-Making in STEM Education

Shari Weaver (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)


Systems Thinking Modeling Kit

Laurent Kurylo (Eliande Consulting, UK)


Student Presentations

A range of student presentations were made & the student prize was awarded.

Madhu Madhavi introduced the student presentations

Work Management under Stress: A Dynamic Exploration of a Motivation Control Theory of Fatigue

Yekatherina Bobrova (UCL, UK)


Modelling the Impacts of Inter-city Connectivity on City Specialisation

David Pierce (University of Leeds, UK)


Integrated Model for Water, Food, Energy and Human Development

Korinus Nixon Waimbo (Exeter University, UK)


A System Dynamics Approach to Inform Decision-Making in STEM Education

Shari Weaver (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)


The Dynamics of Academic Entrepreneurship in University Ecosystems: Modelling Emergent Behaviour using a Hybrid System Dynamics/Agent-Based Simulation

Bernd Wurth (Strathclyde University, UK)

Student Prize Award

Yekatherina Bobrova (UCL, UK) was awarded the medal for the best student paper of 2019 for her work on system dynamics modelling of work stress & fatigue.

Yekatherina (left) receiving her award from the new President – Siôn Cave (right)


Thanks were offered to all those that assisted with organising and delivering the conference; in particular the Royal College of Nursing event management & catering teams & all members of the UK Chapter who helped plan & organise the conference.