2022 Conference

THEME: Perspectives on System Dynamics practice from across the UK and Europe
VENUE: Strathclyde University
DATE: Thursday, April 21st– Friday, April 22nd

Technology and Innovation Centre

Conference Programme

THEME : Perspectives on System Dynamics Practice from across the UK and Europe
VENUE: Strathclyde University (Thursday is also online)
DATE: Thursday, April 21st– Friday, April 22nd

Thursday,  April 21st (am):

Getting started with System Dynamics – Concepts and applications.
Kim Warren (Strategy Dynamics)

Thursday,  April 21st (pm):

System Dynamics Modelling in NHS Wales 
Jennifer Morgan (NHS Wales)

Supply and Demand Capacity Modelling for Acute Hospital Services
Sarah Wylie (The Strategic Investment Board)

Service Design and System Dynamics – aligning human-centred approaches and modelling complexity 
Peter McColl (The Consultation Institute)

Getting A Handle On Norovirus Foodborne Transmission Mechanisms: A Study for the Food Standards Agency  
David Lane (Henley Business School)

Modelling Scotland’s COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Programme
 Darius Bazazi (Scottish Government)

Student presentations and student prize award

Dynamics of decision issues and decision-making rules in urban regeneration: why the focus of attention changes over time?
Ke Zhou (Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, University College London)

The impact of bank/agency staff in spreading COVID-19 across care homes: a combined SD and ABM approach
Le Khanh Ngan Nguyen (Dept. of Management Science, University of Strathclyde)
Presentation Paper

Multi-level perspectives on health system resilience
Sharif Ismail (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Friday,  April 22nd:

Interdisciplinary Avenues to Systems Change
Megan Keenan (Systems Dynamicist)
Ediane de Lima (Social Researcher)
Julia Mannes (Social Researcher)
(Dartington Service Design Lab)

Policy-Making in the Anthropocene: Systems Archetypes, Leverage Points, and the Logic of Failure.
Dr Christoph E. Mandl (University of Vienna)

Round table: Spread and adoption of System Dynamics
Peter Lacey


Status and activities of the UK Chapter
Election of new representatives to the Policy Council