Job Opportunity – Modelling Expert in System Dynamics at Silico

Silico are looking to add a modelling expert who can work with their Enterprise customers to develop proof-of-concept models. Over time, you’ll work with customers to grow their simulation capability to drive improved decision making at some of the world’s largest organisations.

Silico is building technology to empower leaders in every organisation to make better decisions. Our platform allows organisations to simulate, analyse and introspect possible futures to guide decision making at all levels. With our first Venture Capital round behind us, we’re ready to grow the team, the product, and our impact.

For further details, qualifications required, salary and perks etc see

Further Details

Webinar on Transport and Health

UK Chapter & Transport SIG SD Society

The UK Chapter and the Transport Special Interest Group of the System Dynamics Society will be co-hosting a webinar on ‘Transport & Health’ in late 2021 and are looking for presenters.

We intend to programme 2-3 presentations of 30 minutes followed by a panel discussion.

Expressions of interest to present from anyone applying system dynamics techniques to practical or theoretical applications related to the interactions between transport and health can be send as a short (c.200 words) summary of your work to transport.sig.sds@gmail.com by Sunday 31st October.

Earl of Wessex Future Energy Conference – Monday 15 November 2021

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers are excited to announce the second Earl of Wessex Conference, to be held on 15th November at the prestigious Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park.

Any UK young researchers or practitioners who are conducting SD work in the broad area of “Future Energy” such as the issues influencing our journey to a sustainable future; including what incentives are required in order to achieve Net Zero as well as the impact of novel technologies etc. please find the Earl of Wessex Future Energy Conference 2021 Competition Invitation. Further details at the at the website of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers.

2021 Chapter Conference – Slides and Videos

Slides and some videos are now available for the chapter’s 2021 conference held in May. See the 2021 Conference Page. The student prize was won by Bilal Bugaje of the University of Nottingham with the work: Simulating bottom-up supply-side residential energy systems with non-linear conversion efficiency: A system dynamics approach.

2021 Annual Conference

This year, the annual conference took place online, including presentations from invited speakers, posters and the student colloquium. The student prize was won by Bilal Bugaje from the University of Nottingham.

Further details at our Conference Page and Conference Proceedings.

System Dynamics Helps to Tackle COVID

The COVID pandemic has provided an opportunity for those in the System Dynamics community to apply their skills.  Whilst there may be general lessons from the pandemic about the wider use of modelling the suitability of SD in such a situation is clear.  The dynamic nature of the situation and the need to be build and refine models at pace and sometimes in the absence, or in advance or hard facts, lends itself to SD.  One such example has been the work undertaken in the Kent & Medway system by the Whole Systems Partnership.  Read more …

A Vaccine Roll-Out Planning Model

An announcement from Strategy Dynamics

Combatting COVID-19 has moved on. Now is the pleasant task of planning to roll out the vaccines! Thousands of analysts are struggling right now to solve this with spreadsheets, but this is another local challenge best-handled with a dynamic model, like the one offered by Strategy Dynamics at http://sdl.re/VaccineRolloutDemo.

This demo explains the purpose of the local COVID-19 vaccine roll-out model and how it works.  Give it a try and share it with anyone who could use it

Kim Warren.

4 Week Competition for Young People

Just launched! … a 4-week competition – yes, with prizes! – for any upper-school or University teams to answer for their chosen area – city, town, region –  “Lockdown-2 – how deep, how long?” 

Teams will follow the simple classes in the COVID-19 modelling course then use the localisable COVID-19 model to explain how the outbreak has progressed in their area, assess the impact lockdown-2 needs to have on contact-rates, then estimate how the outbreak may progress from there – trying to avoid a 3rd wave.

Everything is explained and linked-to in the article at sdl.re/COVIDcompetition.

The Local-COVID-Course and Model

A team of simulation modellers, supported by disease experts, has created an easy-to-use model of COVID-19 outbreaks. It can be ‘localised’ to any defined region, to answer basic questions:

What is happening around here

How might the outbreak play out?

How can the future be best-managed?  

The developers want to ‘democratise’ COVID policy by putting this model in the hands of millions of citizens, especially young people, so that anyone can answer those questions. Read more …

System Dynamics meets COVID-19: Report

On the morning of the 28th May the UK Chapter of the SD Society held an AGM with a difference by turning it into an opportunity to showcase modeling work in support of COVID-19 responses.  After a brief demonstration of how a stock and flow model provides a natural basis for the spread of a virus, over 80 participants in the online session were introduced to three examples of applied SD modelling in the context of COVID-19.  Read more:

Video of presentations now available

2020 Conference Presentations

Videos and slides of the presentations and posters from the 2020 conference are now available: 2020 conference. Follow the link to access the YouTube videos,

Outstanding Contribution Award 2020

Awarded to Kim Warren

At this years’s conference, Kim Warren was awarded for his outstanding contribution to system dynamics in the United Kingdom.

Kim is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and writer. He has held senior strategy roles in business and academic positions at the London Business school for over 20 years, teaching on MBA and Executive programmes.

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UK Chapter, 2020 Online Conference
Thursday, April 2nd

The UK chapter’s online conference takes place on 2 April 2020. The full programme is available at http://systemdynamics.org.uk/annual-gathering/.

The webinar will start from 09:30 for participants to login and test their connection, with the getting started with SD session with Kim Warren taking place in the morning, and the afternoon programme of speakers commencing at 13:30.

Donations are welcome from participants to cover the running costs of this event via Eventbrite: 

Join the webinar using this link:

Participants will be asked to provide their name and email address when joining (the same email address used to register on Eventbrite)

Postponed Glasgow Conference

Online Event 2nd April 2020 and Rescheduled Conference for 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was taken to postpone our annual conference, which was planned for 2nd and 3rd of April in Glasgow. We are delighted to be able to announce that we have rescheduled the event to take place at the University of Strathclyde on Thursday, 25th and Friday, 26th  March 2021. Further information follows:

  • If you have booked a ticket to the event, you are entitled to a full refund – please contact treasurer@systemdynamics.org.uk to arrange.
  • If you do not seek a refund, you can use the purchased ticket for the 2021 conference.
  • We plan to run an online event on Thursday, 2nd April, which will feature a selection of presentations that were planned for the Strathclyde conference. If you have booked a ticket for the conference, you will be sent a link to the event, whether or not you seek a refund. We would appreciate a small donation if you do attend the online event to cover the costs of providing it. Donations can be provided through Eventbrite HERE, either before or after the online event has taken place.
  • If you would like to attend the online event and you have not already booked a ticket, then making a donation through the Eventbrite site  HERE will result in you being sent a link.

Book Launch: The Dynamics of Care – Understanding People Flows in Health and Social Care, 12/2/20

Authors: Eric Wolstenholme & Douglas McKelvie
Venue: The Melting Pot, 4th Floor, Thorn House, 5 Rose Street, EDINBURGH EH2 2PR .
Date & Time: Wednesday 12 February 2020, 5.00 for 5.30pm

Read more …

Also a workshop for those with little background in building models, 2pm: The Courage to Hold Unconventional Opinions. Same date and venue.

Read more …

Networking: SD meets SD: System Dynamics and Service Design in Public Services

Belfast, 7-8 Nov 2019

As part of Belfast Design Week, the UK System Dynamics Chapter is getting together with colleagues who work in Service Design to discover what we have in common and learn from each other’s approaches ……

For further details see:
Belfast Design Week
Venue and Time
Eventbrite Booking
with Big Motive and SDNIreland

Read more …

Strategic Modelling to Support Decision Making for the North: Report of Networking Event

Salford, 22 Oct 2019

Report of the UK Chapter of the International System Dynamics Society and THINKLab, University of Salford networking event, Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

In a complex world making good decisions is difficult. Creating models, whether qualitative or quantitative, improves our understanding of complex situations enabling us to make better informed decisions ……

Hisham Tariq of THINKLab speaking on the Whaley Bridge Dam Emergency:
How SD can help decision makers understand evacuation behaviour

Report …
Proceedings …

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