International Journal of Management Education; call for papers.

International Journal of Management Education; call for papers.

Special Issue – The Use and Impact of Simulations in Management Education

This Special Issue aims to explore the use of simulations across different contexts within business and management education. Simulations have become increasingly important to academic programme activity within business and management schools. They are regarded as key tools for facilitating generative learning, allowing students to experience the excitement, challenge and operational reality of running a virtual organisation but in a safe, relatively risk-free environment. Whilst the benefits of simulations are often discussed in the literature, evidence regarding the impact of their use – in terms of attainment of learning outcomes, behavioral change, student experience or other measures – remains limited. A full understanding of whether the impact of simulations is consistently felt across different types of learner is also lacking. Additionally, further research on how the impact of simulation based learning might be enhanced is required.

Further details submission guidelines can be found here.

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