Student Colloquium

At the 2007 annual gathering the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society trialled its first Student Colloquium. The Annual Gathering was held over 2 days, with the afternoon of the second day being dedicated to students. The success of this event meant that the Student Colloquium became a permanent fixture at the gathering.

The Colloquium consists of poster presentations held over the lunch period and oral presentations in the afternoon. There is also the annual presentation of the Student Prize.

Poster and Presentation Session

The second day of our annual conference consists of, amongst other things, a student colloquium which will involve a poster and presentation session. Those presenting posters and slides will be asked to introduce themselves to the conference with their presentation title at the start of the session.  For both of these sessions, ongoing work is welcomed. 

The only feedback for those attending the student colloquium is questions and answers at the end of each student talk or throughout the poster presentation session.

By providing your abstract for this event allows you to retain copyright and publish elsewhere at other times.

Student presentations on system dynamic topics will also be considered from beyond Britain for those visiting (see Student Prize for separate terms and conditions of the prize award).

If you would be interested in presenting at the colloquium please complete the relevant form (details below). You may submit the same work for both presentation and poster. Submissions cannot be considered after 6th March 2020.

The Student Prize

The prize is separate to the poster and presentation session, but awarded at the session, and requires entries of up to 20 pages in total and can be drawn from a dissertation from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or a paper – whether published or not – or from a PhD (but not the full thesis itself!). Refer to student prize award terms for further details of eligibility and prizes.

Student Prize Application
Student Colloquium Poster Submission
Student Colloquium Presentation Submission

Submission Deadline: TBA

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