Event: System Dynamics in Climate Change Mitigation

The UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society invites you to a network meeting on the theme of system dynamics in climate change mitigation Climate change mitigation and sustainability in general are systemic, multi-layered and wicked problems. Progress towards reducing global environmental impacts is far too slow and world greenhouse gas emissions rose unexpectedly last year. System dynamics has played a role in sustainability for decades, starting with the Limits to Growth study in the 1970s and more recently with the Climate Interactive project. While the characteristics of the mitigation problem in terms of physical stocks and flows are critical, this meeting will approach the subject from a more theoretical and higher level, exploring examples of real and perceived tensions that exist between human well-being and the health of natural systems. We will bring in concepts from critical systems thinking and social science to ask wider questions about causation.

The meeting will begin with four speakers: Prof Frank Boons will be talking on the relationship of circular economy and climate change, Dr John Broderick will be talking about his experiences in running the C-ROADS climate model, Dr Martin Reynolds from the OU will be talking about critical systems thinking and sustainability, and Dr Danial Schien will be presenting work on modelling of the carbon footprint of digital media.

There will be a plenary session in which examples of mitigation (both successful and otherwise) that are of interest to participants are identified. Groups will then explore their chosen example through causal loop diagramming and other SD related methods.

The meeting will be held on December 5th, from 1pm to 5pm, at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, Pariser Building, Room H18.

Attendance is free but advance booking is requested: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/system-dynamics-in-climate-change-mitigation-tickets-39880114496.

We hope to see you there.

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SD in healthcare at SCiO Open Meeting – Manchester – 16/10/17

Society member Peter Lacey will be presenting on ‘System Dynamics in Healthcare’ at the SCiO Open Meeting being held at Manchester Business School on October 16. Peter will provide insights from the use of System Dynamics modelling over a 20 year career in health and social care consultancy. He will provide people with a walk through of some existing models and explore some of the pitfalls and benefits of the approach. There will be an opportunity to explore both quantitative and qualitative elements of systems and how they feature in SD modelling against a background of the culture and expectations of the health and care system today.

SCiO is a group for systems practitioners and is based in the UK, but has members internationally. It is focused primarily on systems practice and practitioners rather than on pure theory and on systems practice as applied to issues of organisation.

The open meeting costs £20 to attend, and also includes the following presentations:

  • Portia Light – Fake art, bad science and what we can learn from using systems thinking to examine the mechanics of law
  • Steve Whitla – Making more meaningful models: A hands-on guide
  • Benjamin Taylor – Meta-contextuality through the medium of Bongard games: why methods and practices depend on context

More information on the event here – http://www.scio.org.uk/node/7503

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Past Event: System Dynamics Brexit Challenge Event

The System Dynamics Brexit Challenge Event was held at Kingston University, Penrhyn Road Campus on September 7th.

Further information:

System Dynamics Brexit Challenge Event

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National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research (NATCOR) – System Dynamics Training

Are you a PhD student interested in System Dynamics, undertaking research with a strong mathematical content?
The National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research (NATCOR), the will be holding a 2 ½ day System Dynamics in July 2018. More details will be circulated as they become available.
NATCOR provides UK-based taught courses for PhD students and early career researchers working in Operational Research (OR) and related areas, such as statistics, applied probability, quantitative finance, industrial engineering and computer science. Further details about NATCOR and the courses they provide can be found at www.NATCOR.ac.uk.

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Past Events: 2017 Conference Presentations

Annual Conference 2017

THEME : 60 Years On, Still Looking Forward Seriously Modelling what Matters and Building Up the Field
VENUE: London South Bank University
DATE: Wednesday 5th April and Thursday 6th April

This was the 60th anniversary of the founding of System Dynamics by Jay Forrester, who died in November 2016, leaving behind a unique and precious legacy. Our tribute, this conference, covered contemporary examples of the classic themes he first developed:

  • World Dynamics
  • Urban Dynamics
  • Industrial Dynamics

We also covered Health Policy, which has become one of the most significant domains modelled using SD. The conference was open to all, whether or they worked in System Dynamics.

Wednesday 5 April (am): Optional Session Getting Started Building Models

Led by Kim Warren, this session gave attendees a chance to get started in modelling.

Wednesday 5 April (pm): System Dynamics and the Real World

The opening session consisted of plenary addresses covering important subjects of interest to a wide audience. Speakers included:

 Thursday 6 April (all day): Taking Stock and Developing the Field

This day was interactive, and considered System Dynamics practice and education in more depth:

Student Presentations


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Chapter Event: System Dynamics Brexit Challenge & Economics Presentation

The next event in our regular series of presentations and networking opportunities is to be held at:

Kingston University, Penrhyn Road Campus, John Galsworthy, Room PRJG2011

on September 7th at 15:30 – 18:00.

  • Welcome.  Jonathan Moizer
  • Optimising investment for a low-carbon future. Simon Roberts & Colin Axon
  • Secondary money systems for sustainable development. Neil Smith
  • Emergent properties in a simple monetary model, and including energy in production. Steve Keen
  • The Economic Effects of Brexit: A Challenge for the System Dynamics Community. Brian Dangerfield.

To attend the event, please register using the link below.  Attendance is limited to 25 places so please book early.


Further information:

System Dynamics Brexit Challenge Event


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Group Modelling Survey

University of Southampton Business School survey on “Group Modelling”

We are conducting a study on how simulation consultants collaborate with their clients and with groups of experts. We are particularly interested to understand how the way of working and the extent of the engagement of expert or client groups in the model building process varies depending on the modelling methodology used.

We would be very grateful if you would take part in in an online survey to help us with this study. Any answers you give will only be used for this study. Respondents will not be identified. If you participate you will not be required to give your name. If you do give us your name and contact details, we will, however, be able to send you a summary of our results once the study has been completed.

The survey can be found at: http://healthservicesresearch.org/groupmodelling/483863

If you do have any questions as you proceed, you are welcome to contact Steffen Bayer (University of Southampton, email: s.c.bayer@soton.ac.uk; phone: +44 23 8059 1871).

Steffen Bayer

Sally Brailsford

Tim Bolt


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OR Society 9th Simulation Workshop

9th Simulation Workshop (SW18)

19 – 21 MARCH 2018


19th – 21st March 2018 sees the return of the OR Society’s biennial simulation workshop (SW18). The conference always boasts an excellent mix of delegates from the fields of simulation practice and research. The conference covers application and theoretical developments across all simulation methods, for example agent based simulation, system dynamics, discrete-event simulation and monte-carlo simulation. We have updated and refreshed the conference this year keeping the best of the original format and adding some exciting new elements.


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Vacancy: Student Representative

The UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society are now seeking applications for a student representative vacancy on the Policy Council aimed at promoting system dynamics within the post-graduate communities of UK universities.

The role involves helping engage other students in research using system dynamics and coordinating entries for the annual conference usually held in April.  You will be involved in organising the student colloquium presentations (talks and posters) plus the student prize award (adjudicated student papers against system dynamics contributions to knowledge and practice).

All are welcome to apply by emailing a short curriculum vitae giving contact details and a paragraph on how you would develop student contacts in the system dynamics community across the UK.

Please send your electronic applications on or before 31st July 2017 to studentapplication@systemdynamics.org.uk

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Towards Smart Model-based Governance by Systems Thinking – Call for Papers

The aim of this Special Issue (SI) is to connect the two main topics towards which Kybernetes is currently steering its focus, Systems Thinking and Cybernetics, exploring their potential impacts in addressing and analysing complex issues in Social, Environmental and Economic domains,

The expected contributions to this Special Issue are related, but not limited, to the BSLab-SYDIC Workshop 2017 (http://bslab-symposium.net/BSLab-Sydic-2017/BSLAB-SYDIC-WS-Rome-2017.htm) whose attempt was to aggregate various issues from the wide topic of Smart Model-based Governance and its perspective of applications to the present and the future complex organisations.

The journal in which it will be published is KYBERNETES, Emerald Pub. (ISSN: 0368-492X)

Read more here.

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