Award Terms

  1. To ensure a reasonably level playing field, the prize will be restricted to students who have been studying System Dynamics for LESS than five years at a British University. Their study may be in any area and the award is not restricted to courses in management science or business.
  2.  Applicants could be undergraduates, postgraduates (Masters) or PhD candidates.
  3. Journal articles/ reports are acceptable if the student can justify that the effort was mainly due to their own efforts and not their supervisor. Dissertations at the Batchelor and Masters level are acceptable.
  4. The prize is open to students on both full and part-time courses.
  5. The award and the cash prize will only be presented at the next annual UK system dynamics gathering, at which the winner has the chance to make a short presentation on the work.
  6. A letter must accompany the submission from the supervisor confirming that the project was the work of the students concerned. The supervisor must also describe the nature and duration of the course and the time available for the work so that the judges can make allowance for projects done under different circumstances.