Annual Conference

Each year the chapter organises the Annual Conference, a series of presentations from eminent practitioners and the opportunity to meet and discuss issues.  2017 will be the 19th annual conference.

Annual Conference 2017

THEME : 60 Years On, Still Looking Forward Seriously Modelling what Matters and Building Up the Field
VENUE: London South Bank University
DATE: Wednesday 5th April and Thursday 6th April

This is the 60th anniversary of the founding of System Dynamics by Jay Forrester, who died in November 2016, leaving behind a unique and precious legacy. Our tribute, this conference, covers contemporary examples of the classic themes he first developed:

  • World Dynamics
  • Urban Dynamics
  • Industrial Dynamics

We also cover Health Policy, which has become one of the most significant domains modelled using SD. The conference is open to all, whether or not you work in System Dynamics.

Wednesday 5 April (am): Optional Session Getting Started Building Models

Led by Kim Warren, this session gives you the chance to get started in modelling. All you need to bring is a wifi-enabled laptop. Suitable for anyone who has never built an SD model, or has recently started out. 

Wednesday 5 April (pm): System Dynamics and the Real World

The opening session consists of plenary addresses covering important subjects of interest to a wide audience. Speakers include:

Optional – Conference Dinner

 Thursday 6 April (all day): Taking Stock and Developing the Field

This day is interactive, considering System Dynamics practice and education in more depth:

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