Next UK Chapter Conference 2-3 April 2020, Glasgow

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The next conference is on 2-3 April 2020 and will take place in Glasgow at Strathclyde University.

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Glasgow, Scotland

Korean System Dynamics Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Korean System Dynamics Society. This significant anniversary was commemorated at the 2019 Korean Summer Conference which was held in Seoul on 31st August.

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2020 OR-Society Simulation Workshop – Call for papers

The 10th OR Society Simulation Workshop 2020 (SW20), 30 March – 1 April 2020, Loughborough, UK, held in cooperation with the INFORMS Simulation Society www.theorsociety.com/SW20.

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2019 Conference – Report and Presentations

Details of the most recent annual conference of the UK chapter are now available. Check out the report for photos and to find out what happened. Presentations can be downloaded from the conference summary.

Eric Wolstenholme – Outstanding Contribution Award 2019

The outstanding contribution award recognises those who have supported the development of the field of System Dynamics in the UK and/or have contributed their time and energy to supporting the activities of the UK Chapter. In 2019 this was awarded to Eric Wolstenholme.

Eric is a leading expert in System Dynamics, author of two books with another close to publication. He is a past President of the International System Dynamics Society and the UK Chapter, the founding editor of System Dynamics Review …..

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What is System Dynamics, and Why should I Care?

What do climate change, social systems, businesses and bathtubs all have in common?

They are all interacting systems of people and entities from the natural and man-made world. System dynamics is concerned with understanding how these systems really work: what drives them and causes the behaviour we see? What can we do to improve these systems? And what must we not do, to avoid making them worse?

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Job Opening at UCL London

Funded PhD Studentship,UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

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Approaches to Problem Solving: From Systems Engineering to System Dynamics to Systems Thinking

Report of Networking Meeting at Cardiff Business School, March 2019

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The Day System Dynamics Came to Edinburgh

Report on the Dartington Design Lab meeting in Edinburgh, Sept 2018, with Peter Hovmand: Systems Thinking: Unlocking it’s potential to improve children’s outcomes.

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