Eric Wolstenholme – Outstanding Contribution Award 2019

The outstanding contribution award recognises those who have supported the development of the field of System Dynamics in the UK and/or have contributed their time and energy to supporting the activities of the UK Chapter. In 2019 this was awarded to Eric Wolstenholme.

Eric is a leading expert in System Dynamics, author of two books with another close to publication. He is a past President of the International System Dynamics Society and the UK Chapter, the founding editor of System Dynamics Review …..

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What is System Dynamics, and Why should I Care?

What do climate change, social systems, businesses and bathtubs all have in common?

They are all interacting systems of people and entities from the natural and man-made world. System dynamics is concerned with understanding how these systems really work: what drives them and causes the behaviour we see? What can we do to improve these systems? And what must we not do, to avoid making them worse?

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Job Opening at UCL London

Funded PhD Studentship,UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

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Approaches to Problem Solving: From Systems Engineering to System Dynamics to Systems Thinking

Report of Networking Meeting at Cardiff Business School, March 2019

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The Day System Dynamics Came to Edinburgh

Report on the Dartington Design Lab meeting in Edinburgh, Sept 2018, with Peter Hovmand: Systems Thinking: Unlocking it’s potential to improve children’s outcomes.

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